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Funky Frog Freight is the way to go!
Making shipping a ribbeting show! 
Jump on board; we'll make it right! 
Smooth logistics, day and night! 
With Funky Frog Freight, you're in good hands! 
We'll hop to your needs in distant lands! 
Freight solutions that'll make you smile! 
We'll go the extra mile, mile, mile! 
Funky Frog Freight, we're here for you!
Making shipping a ribbeting experience, it's true! 
Ribbeting experience, that's our claim! 
Let's ship together; it's not just a game! 
Funky Frog Freight, leapin' ahead! 
We'll make your shipping dreams widespread! 
Join the party. Let's rock and roll! 
Funky Frog Freight, shipping with soul!


Riddle 1:

I hop, and I leap, bringing goods in my keep,
With logistics expertise, I'm in a league so deep.
A freight broker with a fun-filled twist,
Guess my name. Can you

Answer: Funky Frog

Riddle 2:

In the world of shipping, I make a splash,
With a name that's fun and a brand that's brash.
Guess the freight broker that's unique and cool,
Where shipping becomes a ribbiting jewel!

Answer: Funky Frog Freight

Website frogs-6.png


Website frogs-4.png

Why did the frog take the bus to work?            Because his car got toad away!

What do frogs do with paper?                   Rip-it!

Why are frogs so happy?                            Because they eat whatever bugs them!

What do you call a frog with no legs?       Unhoppy!

What's a frog's favorite candy?                  Lollihops!

What do frogs wear on their feet?            Open toad sandals!


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